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Create your own BizYeti by owning a site that you brand, customize and manage. BizYeti and all custom sites are powered by Convey.

Convey is a cost-effective cloud-based content, training and event delivery solution to enable or generate revenue.  Direct or channel sales teams use Convey to train, educate, and motivate their teams so they can produce more revenue.

Convey empowers companies and associations to deliver and sell training, content and events quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. A robust e-commerce engine manages credit card payments and helps an organization monetize every aspect of their site including sales on the site, charging for membership and catalogs, as well as selling advertising. Here is what makes the Convey technology unique.

Comes Online Quickly

Bring a Convey Site online in days and deliver content, training & events to employees or customers instantly.  You can customize the site, add your branding, set up administration and post to the site quickly and with no technical help.  Get into the market quickly on a Convey platform.

No Risk

Developing your own technology or buying expensive enterprise systems have risks.  Eliminate those risks with our SaaS solution.

Reduce Cost

The cost of Convey is low, with no software to buy or internal systems to impact.  A low monthly subscription gets you an unlimited number of users access the platform.  Don’t pay for special content and training authoring tools – we take all file types.

Generate Revenue

Convey empowers organizations to turn their site into a profit center.  Sell events, training, banner ads, preferred content placement, memberships, or catalogs.  Convey tracks revenue, offers the ability to split revenue, and automates the payment process.

Easy to Manage and Support

Manage all aspects of the site and content posting yourself.…no technical help needed!  Set up administration and reporting so you can track the activity on your site.

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