Catalog Owners


Are you a business professional, speaker, consultant, or trainer and have content, training, or events that you want to share with a large business audience? Then you need to belong to BizYeti.  Create a catalog to offer your videos, webinars, articles, blog posts or PowerPoint slides Personalize the catalog to profile your expertise and let people know how to connect with you.

Benefits of Ownership

Show your expertise, market yourself, and offer your content, training or events for free or for purchase.  BizYeti has an audience and helps you attract even more followers to promote your catalog and your expertise.  If you are ready to sell your content, training or events, BizYeti manages the entire credit card transaction an pays you!

How to Apply

You can own a catalog on BizYeti for free.  Click the link to apply, fill out the form and tell us about the type of content that you want to add to your catalog. BizYeti will review and approve then let you create a catalog profile, add other users, and upload content. To find out more about how BizYeti works, visit our catalog or watch the video.  

Apply Today!

Are you already a Catalog Owner?

Visit the User Guides catalog on BizYeti to get helpful information about managing your catalog, creating content and event posts and adding payment.